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Premium Valve Seat Inserts Supplier & Manufacturer - Summit Valve Train

SVT manufactures and supplies premium valves and valve seat inserts for OEM and custom applications. Our valve seat inserts along with our entire line of valve train components are used worldwide in everything from light passenger to heavy industrial applications. Industries relying on Summit valve train components include agriculture, construction equipment, marine vessels, passenger automobiles, racing car engines, truck and motorcycle. We have over 5,000 parts in stock every day and can also manufacture custom valves and valve seat inserts to your exact specifications. Call us for valve component pricing & availability today.

Industry News / Research & Development

05 June

The latest in T series performance

Increasing the use of nickel since it's a proven heat dissipator yields the best durability for turbo or supercharged engines.

SVT Testimonials / What Customers Are Saying

  • When it comes to the valve trains for anything heavy duty, these guys know their stuff. Worked with them for years and they never let me down.
    Michael L, Engine Builder
  • The absolute best when it comes down to details. They've been our preferred and largest supplier of valve seat inserts for all of our plants.
    John K, Component Procurement
  • Their quality and technical support, not to mention the ability to meet operational needs for both standard and custom applications is why we will never switch.
    Peter S, Project Manager
  • The performance of their valves and seats within the conditions we put them through is why we're sticking to Summit.
    Jack P, Mechanical Engineer